CryptoGames – review

Crypto Games is a site that is most known for its dice. I really hesitated between classifying it as a dice site or a casino. But let's be fair there is far more content than on a simple dice game! Blackjack, Roulette, Slots and Lottery and all the games with a faucet so you can try a bit the games. Problem is that those games are not very graphic, contrary to other casinos giving hundreds of high quality slots here you have only a very basic one. Not much choice or fun to have with the cool animations of jackpots here.

So why does it have a such good mark? When you compare with highly graphic casinos like mBit casino or Bit Starz it doesn't seem to be able to compete?
Well first Crypto-Games has extremely low house-edge. Only 0.8% on Dice, less than 1.5% for Blackjack and Lottery and 2% for Slots. You've got to admit it's attractive for a player to get such low house-edge.

In addition to a great house-edge, the site provides 3 essential features which makes it an important website even with the small offer of different games:

  • Accepts 9 different currencies, making it a great altcoin casino
  • Has probably the easiest and faster user interface. Extremely ergonomic, you're going to start playing 15 seconds after having finished loading the sign up page.
  • Crypto-Games is an old and very trusted casino. Thousands of BTC have already been gambled here and it's hard to find a gambling site which seems more reliable than this one.

In the end Crypto-Games is a very simple, but very efficient and trusted casino, with great value for the player in the form of small house-edge. Maybe not the most beautiful but clearly the most efficient website.

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