Kingdice – review





KingDice is a new dice site with a really impressive design! It’s always a bit hard to judge the quality of a dice site, after all the principle of a dice site is quite simple. But King Dice is original by being extremely user friendly and having a real game of dice. By that I mean that you actually see the dices rolling! Which is, let’s be honest, quite original!

Maybe bad luck here but bad luck with style!


Excellent design, great interface, reasonable house edge of 1%. KingDice is a great dice site, with a considerable bankroll in which you have the opportunity to invest. There is not much more to add, it’s all a question of “do you feel comfortable with the site design?” and frankly, if you don’t, you’re quite hard!

Everything is smooth and easy, nothing negative in the site unless you don’t like the colours!


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