Rollin – review

Ok so I know what you're thinking. "Seriously? 20/20? I guess they have the best affiliate commission that's why...". Actually no. Most gambling site have the same affiliate commission and Rollin is the one with the lowest, and do you know why? Because Rollin has A FREAKING LOWERING HOUSE EDGE PROGRAM! Seriously that's probably the coolest feature I've ever seen on a gambling site. How can you really reward your players? Well most sites offer you better faucets for example, but here you'll have a better faucet AND a lower House Edge. If you play a lot on Rollin you can reach an House Edge of 0.8% and a faucet of 15k satoshis. Definitely the best VIP program I've seen on a dice site.

That's not all, Rollin also has a great design with a very pleasant night mode! You can bet all night without getting light problem. Easy interface, easy to use and pleasant unique design. Nothing to say here. The site is also a bit old and is now largely trusted, you'll usually see around 400 players on the site playing and chatting with you.

And OF COURSE as their VIP program wasn't good and original enough, they also have a weekly 1BTC give-away contest for the best gamblers of the site.


Rollin is, without any doubt, the best dice site for anyone gambling quite a lot. Easy to use, secured but also extremely rewarding and original, the site is just all what you can expect from a gambling site and even a bit more.

If you play dice more than once a week it's definitely a must-have.

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